Citroën-Kégresse P17


I have finally completed one of the most challenging projects – building and creating a series of Citroën-Kégresse P17 models. The scale is 1:160. For two years, I worked on designing the model, creating control etchings, assembling and soldering, then making modifications and adjustments, followed by creating test models. At such a scale, the vehicle turns out very small, but I aimed to preserve the detail and appeal of a brass scale model.
The entire series consists of 30 models, and I am most likely not going to continue it, as the assembly of the model turned out to be incredibly labor-intensive and complex. In a model measuring 2.5x1 cm, there are 54 parts made from 0.2mm thick brass sheet, with only the windshield made of transparent plastic. The body, wheels, and tracks are soldered, while bags, glass, and seat covers are attached with glue. Each model bears its own sequential number on a brass plaque located on the underside of the vehicle

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