For decades I have been collecting N scale model trains and in 2014 decided to become not only a collector but also a maker. My aim was and remains to create exclusive models for N scale that would otherwise be unavailable for enthusiasts like me. 

The first step was to create a conversion, and this is how EP2 Electrolok was born. A small series of 10 models have been sold almost before I had a chance to finish them. Being a jeweller my next goal was to create models from brass. A first small batch of wagons foudre was created and found happy owners. Attic de Papa was found then and attracted a small team of jewellers who now produce small batches of exclusive and very high quality models for collectors across the world. 

Attic de Papa brass train models

My interest always was in N scale European train models of I and II Eras. I know very well that there is a lack of certain models, for example Italian locomotives, old German vehicles, French and Swiss passenger cars and so on. These will be my team's focus in medium term.

We can also build bespoke models for our customers. If you think about a model for N-scale from I and II Eras that is currently unavailable but you would like to have it, we would be interested to hear from you and create it.

and the team of Attic de Papa