April 2023 - new product poll

Dear colleagues. We welcome everyone to our blog. For a week, there was a survey to find out the preferences and desires of collectors, modelers, and our customers. Since we produce models from brass in small series, we would like to meet your expectations.

Over the past 10 years, the N scale has greatly improved in quality and variety of models. The degree of detail in the models has become superb, and the number of models offered is increasing more and more. But as experienced collectors, we know what is still missing for our scale, and we want exclusive models for our collections. Our production started with wine barrel cars. They are very original and unique and convey the atmosphere of early times very well. The barrel car has become our peculiar talisman, and we will continue to build them. Recently, Italian colleagues from the ASN forum shared with me a very interesting type of barrel car, for which we are very grateful! It is not like the well-known French types; it is an Italian barrel car. We have already started developing a model.

Since the modern market is mostly represented by models from Germany, which is understandable, we have been drawn to cars from France, Switzerland, and Italy, of which there are few being produced. But we will be happy to try to put samples of cars from other European countries into production.

The results of the voting are in. 225 people from different countries participated, mostly from Europe, but also from the USA and Australia - which is fantastic!


1  The most popular and desirable type of wagon chosen was the Passenger wagon. Honestly, this was unexpected. But we will now start searching for prototypes of the most interesting early passenger wagons and hope for your help. We would be very grateful for any possible materials: photos, drawings, blueprints, links to information. Soon we will conduct another vote to clarify which specific wagons you would like to see.

Second place was taken by engineering and special wagons. There are a few materials on railway cranes, but the other engineering wagons will have to be searched for. I think that wagons for heating can also be added to this group.

3  The third most popular and desirable wagon are the Luggage or Mail wagon. This is understandable, as the passenger trains require such a wagon. Here, we can also make an optional wagon. Regarding the luggage and mail wagons, we already have some preliminary work done. These are the two-axle wagons that follow the passenger trains from BRAWA. A huge thanks to our German colleagues for the materials and corrections to the models that are now being prepared for release. 

4  In fourth place were covered freight wagons. We are already preparing to release a very interesting wagon from the 1st epoch. This is the Russian-Prussian wagon, based on the G10, which was intended for fast travel from Prussia to Russia and back without reloading the goods into another wagon. This is a G10 with a lowered roof for the brake, which was done because of the strong Russian frosts, as it was too cold for the conductor in the usual high roof.

5  Fifth place was taken by platforms with various cargoes. We currently have a model of the French ETAT platform, and we will continue this series. There were also requests for cargo. Yes, we want to make agricultural machinery and other goods. We are currently almost ready to release a model of the popular French 75mm cannon 1898–1945, just for placement on a platform.

The other places are occupied by barrel wagons and beer wagons. These wagons are already in our assortment and we will continue these series. We would be glad if you, dear colleagues, could recommend us any brand of beer or brewery that you would like to see on a wagon from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd epochs. Of course, if they existed in reality.

Please write your opinions and wishes in this post.



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Hello, dear Dirk.
Thank you for your interest in my work.
It was unexpected for me that passenger cars of various models are in the first place, and in my opinion, there are quite a lot of them in N scale. I will have to look for prototypes that are not yet produced by the main manufacturers. However, I’m not sure if I can technologically make long four-axle cars. I will have to experiment. But two-axle or three-axle ones are quite possible.
The Prussian non-unloading car is already on its way to me in the form of etched sheets, but I want to sit down and make them as soon as possible. I have them in the Prussian (K.P.E.V.)
Baggage cars for the BRAWA trains are also progressing. I already have a sheet with baggage and mail cars. I will build them, and it will be clear whether they can be launched into production. I myself have this wonderful Württemberg train from BRAWA, and I want to make a good addition to it. It’s a pity that there is no suitable locomotive for Württemberg in our scale. Maybe if it works out, I can do something based on the BR53 from Fleischmann or the BR89 with a tender from Arnold.
Best regards


Dear Alexander ,

the poll was the right idea to know which next models / model categories customers are wishing most !

I’m really looking forward to the Prussian-Russian wagon , and in my Prussian freight trains – a prototypical mix of Prussian freight wagons, freight wagons from other German state railway companies and foreign freight wagons behind the Prussian locomotive – these new models can then travel far and wide to Prussian stations (in my imagination).
I just have to decide if I’m buying the K.P.E.V. – version or the version of the Weichsel-Bahnen .

I’m also very lucky with the result for the luggage cars , because I know one of your projects are the K.W.St.E. cars, a must have for me because my homeland is Württemberg .

The italian Serie R looks very vey interesting, and the next categorie ‘passenger cars’ is a wide wide field :
in this time between 1870 – 1920 are hundreds of railway companies with interesting coaches.
One possibilty is to realize coaches which was able to be part in international passenger trains – so it doesn’t matter if you realize French, Italian, Swiss, Austrian-Hungarian (!!! – i.e. the KkStB Gölsdorf – coaches http://www.lokomotive.de/muras/aktuell.htm , at the bottom of the page ), Netherland, Belgian etc. coaches – so they can be all part of my mixed international trains behind my Prussian, Bavarian, Wuerttemberg locos ( and Swiss locos ).
Or you making special small coaches for regional traffic, then I have to see if I can resist ! I also have some french locos … .




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