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Attic de Papa

SET04 Two Champagne Mercier Wagons - Els.Loth. - I Era A

SET04 Two Champagne Mercier Wagons - Els.Loth. - I Era A

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Set of two Champagne Mercier wagons handcrafted in brass
(N scale 1:160) Els.Loth. - I Era A - SET04

In 1905 company Champagne Mercier (Épernay region of Champagne) got two specialised wagons to carry their products. Wagons were registered in Épernay-Luxembourg, (Elsass-Lothringen) with board numbers 90311 and 90312, which after 1918 changed into French numbering system and became 600391 and 600392. Though the rest writing on the wagons remained the same.

1x Champagne Mercier Wagon 
Board number: 90311 - Els.Loth. - I Era A - AP4009 001 01
Wagon length <68 mm>

1x Champagne Mercier Wagon
Board number: 90312 - Els.Loth. - I Era A - AP4009 001 02
Wagon length <68 mm>

  • Rapido couplings x4, 
  • Knuckle couplings x4 and
  • Decorative Attic de Papa couplings x2
Els.Loth. - Elsass-Lothringen
NEM  couplings


This product predominantly crafted from brass. For our barrel wagons, barrels are made of plastic.

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Care Instructions

Models feature small fragile protruding parts. To avoid breaking or bending these please follow these steps:

1. Grab / pinch top and bottom corners of plastic wrap on both left and right sides

2. Pull gently and evenly the wrap with both hands, this way the plastic wrap will aid pulling the model out of the box.

3. When it is time to return the model in the box, place the wrap into the model bed first. Then place the model onto the bed and gently and evenly press for it to get in the bed.

If little chains next to buffers brake  with time it is possible to replace them. Spare chains are included in your kit. Insert the side opposite to a hook into a dedicated hole and it will latch inside when inserted.

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